Monday, January 07, 2008

How The US lost the War on Drugs

Rolling Stone has a great article up dissing the US war on drugs. It gives a great history of American drug policy and a rehash of the various organizations and individuals that have tried to reform drug policy.

I got a real kick out of this.

Coleman and other agents began to work deductively, backward. "We had always wondered why his guys, when we caught them, would always go to trial and risk lots of jail time, even when they would have saved themselves a lot of time if they'd just plead guilty," he says. "What we realized when we saw those binders was that they were doing a job. Their job was to stay on trial and have their lawyers use discovery to get all the information on DEA operations they could. Then they'd send copies back to MedellĂ­n, and Escobar would put it all together and figure out who we had tracking him."

Apparently, drug dealers aren't stupid. Pablo Escobar had hired people to go to trial and get as much information about the DEA as possible.

Anyway, read the whole thing, it is a great overview of American drug policy.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sex, Drugs and Bad Manners

I went and checked SmallDeadAnimals, out of boredom, and discovered a delightful, but definitely NSFW blog called "One D At A Time". The blog made the rounds on message boards and blogs because the author held a huge party featuring drinking and debauchery and her house became trashed and destroyed. She asked the party participants to help her out and send her a few dollars to help pay for the damage.

I find it hysterical, the way that everybody is calling her names, and the way that Tracy Egan just does not care what anybody thinks of her. While I am way too straight-laced to ever live her kind of life, being a straight-laced mom of two who can barely handle a whole beer all by herself, I have to admire anybody that is as refreshingly honest as she is. I will be checking up on her and laughing myself silly.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Drug Dealer Wanted Poster

I really get irritated by this big-balled, Chuck Norris, cock-swinging parody of masculinity that is so frequently promoted. Just take a look at this poster.

A drug dealer is a terrible person that deserves to be hunted down and killed. They compare violent crimes committed with guns to passing a joint. On what planet is this kind of blatant fear-mongering acceptable to post in the hallways of a school?

Apparently, the school principal got his elite drug-fighting skills in Iraq, thus proving once and for all that the US military is nothing more than a training grounds for thugs and bullies.

I hate to break it to deluded school officials, but drug dealers are not scary, horrible, terrible people. They are people that are intelligent enough to see through the overwrought propaganda of the drug warriors and realize that drug use is nothing to fear. Ingesting caffeine, cannabis, alcohol, insulin, aspirin or ibuprofen is not bad if done in a responsible manner. Drug dealers are your kids, friends, teachers, students and members of your community. Don't forget that trafficking is illegal. Passing a joint makes you a drug dealer. According to these school officials, a couple of teenagers passing a joint should be considered dangerous and violent criminals.

Blog Neglect

I remember when I began blogging a year ago and made a New Year's resolution to make a blog post every day. That didn't happen but I sure did have a lot of fun! At any rate, although I failed to blog regularly, I did learn a number of lessons about blogging.

-Blogging is a lot of fun.
-It is difficult to do it every day. If you do, it becomes a job and a chore.
-I suck at formatting web pages.
-I need to stop taking on more than I can handle.
-Blogging is addictive, worse than any drug!

I have decided to spend a little time and learn how to do this blogging thing properly. Get a domain name and some hosting and do this thing right. Anyway, I will be back sooner or later. See ya!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Tough love?

A parent reacts to their teenage boy smoking pot by selling his Christmas present on Ebay. As a radical leftist feminazi I offer my heartfelt sympathies to the poor child that is being deprived of the video game he earned. It's child abuse I tell ya!

Hey, at least it wasn't beer. That stuff is really bad for you.

On a slightly more serious note, I would ask this parent why his son smoking pot bothers him so much. While it is true that smoking pot is an illegal activity, it is a fairly common behavior that is unlikely to have longterm health effects. But as a parent, you absolutely have the right (and the responsibility) to set limits on your childs' behavior. If you would react the same way to your child drinking beer or smoking cigarettes, then it seems pretty reasonable to me.

Personally, my biggest parenting concern is the continued pornification of young girls. Bratz dolls and strip-pole Barbie piss me off to no end. Pot-smoking is barely a blip on my parenting radar screen.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dennis Kucinich goes bye-bye

I thought Kucinich was pretty cool. But then he had to go and say that he wishes to have Ron Paul as a running mate.

WTF???? I guess I have no choice left but to support Hillary.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Conservative Drug Strategy a Resounding Success

I agree with Neil Horner. We can't have the price of weed going down or we might have to fire those RCMP drug warriors.

Decriminalization would have hit hard at the families of both pot growers and RCMP drug enforcement officers - particularly in this province. That's unacceptable, and Stephen Harper, bless him, knew it.

Won't somebody please think of the pot growers and drug cops?

Now, if the government really wanted to cut down on pot use, it seems logical for it to attack one or both of those two branches. First, disrupt the market. This has actually been done by the crackdown at the border. B.C. People can grow kickass weed, but they can't smoke all of it themselves. They need help from the U.S. With the market flooded, local pot growers are seeing less bang for their hazardous buck.

The idea that the border between the US and Canada is secure is indeed laughable. Ron Paul is running a campaign based on his fear of Mexicans. I wonder if he will promise to secure the Canada/US border once he cleans up the Mexican border.

The real reason that the price of weed is going down in Canada has nothing to do with enforcement. The worthless US currency is the reason for the falling price of domestic marijuana.

There would be nothing good about an increase in the price of marijuana. It just means that organized crime will make more money and mom and pop marijuana grows will become more risky. If they seriously want to harm organized crime, small marijuana grows should be legal. When people like myself are allowed to have beautiful, backyard gardens, organized crime will no longer make money selling an easily grown weed. It's too simple.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I wonder...

How "Dr." Ron Paul will respond to this. Should be almost as interesting as the money story.

Conservatives stand to benefit from outbreak of gang mayhem

I have a completely scientific theory (that I pulled straight out of my ear) about Vancouver's recent crime wave.

The US dollar has sank like a stone recently. This is going to kill BC's marijuana industry. It is no secret that BC exports a lot of marijuana to the US. Exporting high-quality marijuana is what BC does. But thanks to the crashing US dollar, there is just no money to be made in exporting marijuana to the States anymore. So what is going to happen to all of that excess marijuana that is not going to go south?

A lot of people are going to get stuck with marijuana that they can't sell. This is good news for Canadians that love pot. The price will crash domestically, meaning that by Christmas time, Saskatoon will be swamped with cheap and high-quality weed. But this also means an increase in gang violence. There will be debts that can not be repaid and those issues will not be resolved by marijuana growers going bankrupt. It will be resolved with violence. And tragically, that is what we are already seeing.

But there is another evil side effect of the increase in gang violence. The victims of gang violence will be used by the Conservative government to push tough-on-crime initiatives that will not decrease crime.

- Crack down on money laundering by organized crime.

- Earmark $64 million for a "National Anti-Drug Strategy."

- Announce the hiring of 1,000 new RCMP officers as well money to help municipalities hire 2,500 more police.

- Introduce legislation to limit house arrest so that those committing violent crime would be forced to serve jail time; to require mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes, and tougher sentencing for violent repeat offenders; to establish a reverse-onus principle in bail hearings for firearm-related offences.

In light of the recent tasering incident in the Vancouver International Airport, more police just might lead to an increase in crime. At any rate, the National Anti-Drug Strategy is the subject of my ire. Cracking down on grow-ops won't affect the crime rate, it will just make selling and growing pot way more profitable for the people that don't get caught.

At least they are paying attention to treatment. But I have to wonder what the prevention strategy will entail. What kind of reefer madness are they going to have to come up with in order to convince people that marijuana is the devil's own weed? Will they have contests to come up with the best "Just Say No" poster? Or will Canada come up with their very own version of Pete's couch? I just can't wait to find out, so I can make fun of it. In the meantime, I will make fun of the ONDCP for coming up with this bit of worthless reefer madness propaganda.

"Smoking marijuana is the safest thing in the world."

PS: While googling I came across this impressive debunking of reefer madness propaganda at Daily Kos. Enjoy.